Beat recessed

The Beat recessed is a ceiling mounted loudspeaker that combines two wireless interfaces: Piri and WiFi. Signals for positioning and control of each unit are transferred via the Piri radio interface while the more bandwidth consuming high-quality audio stream uses WiFi. A server side synchronization ensures that no audible time differences will occur between speakers playing the same audio stream.

The loudspeaker is easy to install from below the ceiling and only the standard mains power is needed to be connected to the power supply. Once the Piri system has detected the installed units, they will be ready for grouping, scheduling and media assignment from the Piri system user interface.

Unit description: Two-way active loudspeaker
Cabinet type: Bass reflex
Speaker driver: Coaxial, 4” woofer/midrange, ¾” midrange
Frequency range: 80-20 000 Hz
Amplifier: Two-channel class D, 2x25W output power

Mains voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz