As with many breakthroughs, Piri was born out of a dream: What if there was a way to wirelessly control not only light but also sound and visuals – all in one system?

We knew we weren’t the only dreamers. With three decades in the business of designing and manufacturing professional display lighting fixtures we had first hand knowledge of the everyday challenges in retail, showrooms and commercial spaces.

But we didn’t want to stop at dreams and hopes. Together with some of the best engineers in the industry we developed a system that gives you full control of all the aspects that frames the in-store experience. Now the dream is reality in stunning light, crystal clear sound and great visuals – and it is called Piri. And with a unique positioning system, Piri gives you infinite possibilities to modify and control the experience. Rock solid performance. Zone for zone. Time controlled. At your fingertips.

And why now? Because yesterday it wasn’t possible. And tomorrow is too late.
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